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Присутствуют сообщения из эхоконференции ENET.SYSOP с датами от 10 Jul 13 21:42:12 до 21 Feb 20 18:10:45, всего сообщений: 9362
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= Сообщение: 24 из 9362 ========================================= ENET.SYSOP =
От   : Ward Dossche                     2:292/854          06 Sep 13 10:59:36
Кому : All                                                 06 Sep 13 10:59:36
Тема : Nodelist Problem
FGHI : area://ENET.SYSOP?msgid=2:292/854+a4039576
= Кодировка сообщения определена как: CP866 ==================================
A nodelist problem has manifested itself, ZONE3 went missing from the nodelist this morning.
This is what the logfile had to say at 00h10 this morning:
   No file found for Zone 3 file 'zone3'
Then at 01:13 a new ZONE3 file was received.
   + 06 Sep 01:13:32 [3024] ZONE3.Z49 -> c:\db\inbound\ZONE3.Z49
I ran MAKENL and it ran fine without error, this ZONE3-file was accepted and processed but that nodelist was not distributed.
My question to all of you: what do you want me to do?
I can distribute a new nodelist which will cause headaches for people still using the diff-system or leave it like that and wing it until next week Friday without a ZONE3 included in it.
What'll it be?
Take care,

--- D'Bridge 3.9
* Origin: Many Glacier / Protect - Preserve - Conserve (2:292/854)

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