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От   : Andrew Leary                     1:320/119          21 Oct 13 17:21:52
Кому : Ward Dossche                                        21 Oct 13 17:21:52
Тема : FTSC Nominations
FGHI : area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=1:320/119+5265aa91
На   : area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:292/854+a4063558
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Ответ: area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:5020/545+52661543
Hello Ward!

Monday October 21 2013 17:39, Ward Dossche wrote to Björn Felten:

WD> There are some names that only pop-up come election-time ...

That is often the case in hobbyist networks.

WD> I'm privy to the discretion of those that provide me access to a
WD> number of region-echoes where people claim that such-and-such should
WD> be nominated to represent that particular region.

WD> That certainly is not a good reason.

In case you didn't notice, none of the nominated candidates are from R16.  I started with the list of members whose terms were expiring, eliminated those who are no longer in FidoNet, and then considered the remaining names as to their qualifications.  TTBOMK, all have contributed to FidoNet in the past, and will probably continue to do so.

WD> There is not a problem in voting for oneself, it happens all the time
WD> in real life ...

I can understand his reluctance to do so.  In fact, I abstained from voting for myself in the last FTSC election.

WD> It's interesting to know from newbies, if any, why they want to be
WD> involved and from people intending to continue their mandate what they
WD> did the past year or two except quacking like a duck.

Each candidate can answer that question for themselves.


* Origin: Bits & Bytes BBS * V.Everything! * 860/535-4284 (1:320/119)

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