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= Сообщение: 5052 из 5181 ====================================== FTSC_PUBLIC =
От   : Torsten Bamberg                  2:240/5832         07 Dec 19 00:26:14
Кому : Alexey Vissarionov                                  07 Dec 19 00:26:14
Тема : 2019 FTSC Standing Member Election - Nominations Status
FGHI : area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:240/5832+5deae595
На   : area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:5020/545+5de709b3
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Hallo Alexey!

04.12.2019 03:44, Alexey Vissarionov schrieb an Torsten Bamberg:

TB>> yourself with ftsc, your political ignorness... We do our own
TB>> thing in germany/austria/swiss and also the netherland with
TB>> fidonet,
AV> We do our own things too. But nobody cares.
Ahm, I think, even this is the core of the problem. Coordinators have to care of all nodes their area.

TB>> and we work together with our friends in other zones.
AV> Now here goes the most important question: git clone what?
Most of my stuff is OS/2-Ecomstation-ArcaOS only and not upped to github. It is licencesed in gnu-gpl an announced on GFD-Net, an ftn-file Network.
Other stuff from me, you find on freebsd portstree. I do not support linux at all.

AV> Alexey V. Vissarionov aka Gremlin from Kremlin
Bye/2 Torsten

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* Origin: DatenBahn BBS Hamburg (2:240/5832)

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