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= Сообщение: 4990 из 5192 ====================================== FTSC_PUBLIC =
От   : Oli                              2:280/464.47       02 Dec 19 14:26:34
Кому : Ward Dossche                                        02 Dec 19 14:26:34
Тема : 2019 FTSC Standing Member Election - Nominations Status
FGHI : area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:280/464.47+5de51106
На   : area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:292/854+183e2b29
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Ответ: area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:292/854+10361257
On Sun, 1 Dec 2019 23:03:30 +0100
"Ward Dossche -> All" <0@854.292.2> wrote:

WD> A special situation is developing ...

WD> * The FTSC must consist of at least 7 nodelisted sysops
WD> * There are currently 14 people in the FTSC with 8 mandates expiring
WD> * 6 mandates remain occupied
WD> * There is only 1 properly nominated sysop, therefore we have a
WD> critical situation.

Who cares if there are 6 or 7 members? What difference does it make?

WD> I do need to point out that this election, more than electing (or
WD> not) Deon George, is about the continuity of the FTSC because in case
WD> of non-election this body falls below the quorum of 7 and there is an
WD> issue. The documents in the FTSC-library are not specific about it
WD> but not reaching the quorum of 7 could imply the disbanding of the

WD> Everybody involved in this procedure ... please think twice before
WD> casting your vote and creating a situation which Fidonet does not
WD> need.

What did you expect? You comment the resignation of a member with "another one bites the dust". You couldn't resist to be the first to piss over the first (and only) candidate who showed up. Now you urge everyone to ignore your rambling about the candidate, just because it could mean the end of the FTSC?

One could get the impression you enjoy the destruction of Fidonet, but then tell everybody you did everything you could do to prevent it and it was everyone else's fault.

Anyway, the FTSC is practically dead. You can try to keep it on live-support until March 2021, but it would not influence the development of fidonet software in any way. Lots of FTN software currently used has bugs and still violates or doesn't follow important standards that are decades old. Other good software is not maintained anymore.

It would be nice if someone would write a specification for the undocumented binkp OPTs, but do we need a FTSC for that? We don't need an organization for its own sake. Anyone is free to write documentation and specifications, having an organization obviously doesn't magically create documentation. If people want to work on new standards, they can form a working group. Stuff can be discussed in FTSC_PUBLIC. People can implement stuff in their software. If this doesn't happen, why do we need an organization with 7 to 30 members for publishing nothing?

* Origin:  (2:280/464.47)

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