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От   : Ward Dossche                     2:292/854          21 Oct 13 17:39:18
Кому : BjФrn Felten                                        21 Oct 13 17:39:18
Тема : Re: FTSC Nominations
FGHI : area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:292/854+a4063558
На   : area://FTSC_PUBLIC?msgid=2:203/2+526546b6
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BF> Because, with his extensive experience of Fidonet Technical Matters,
BF> he knows that his list contained la Crme de la Crme de Fidonet?
There are some names that only pop-up come election-time ...
I'm privy to the discretion of those that provide me access to a number of region-echoes where people claim that such-and-such should be nominated to represent that particular region.
That certainly is not a good reason.
BF> Nah, but other than myself, I will happily vote yes to all the names
BF> in that list. Methinks nominations can end right now...  8-)
There is not a problem in voting for oneself, it happens all the time in real life ...
It's interesting to know from newbies, if any, why they want to be involved and from people intending to continue their mandate what they did the past year or two except quacking like a duck.

--- D'Bridge 3.9
* Origin: Many Glacier / Protect - Preserve - Conserve (2:292/854)

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