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= Сообщение: 1423 из 1501 ================================ RU.FIDONET.DIGEST =
От   : Vladimir Fyodorov                2:50/15.1          03 Dec 19 11:45:06
Кому : All                                                 03 Dec 19 11:45:06
Тема : FTSC_PUBLIC: Возможный кризис в FTSC
FGHI : area://RU.FIDONET.DIGEST?msgid=2:50/15.1+5de62095
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> Вард Дошше обратил внимание на то, что Комитет по техническим стандартам
> Фидонета должен состоять минимум из семи сисопов. С учётом истечения
> срока нахождения в комитете нескольких человек, в нём останутся только
> шестеро, а кандидатура на выборах выдвинута только одна (Deon George,
> 3:633/509). Таким образом, в случае, если его кандидатура не пройдёт,
> FTSC не сможет соответствовать своим же документам, что приведёт к
> кризису.

> Ситуацию подогрел экс-глава FTSC Мишель ван дер Влист, обнаруживший, что
> узел одного из оставшихся членов комитета (Ozz Nixon, 1:275/362)
> отсутствует в нодлисте, а другой не отвечает. К счастью, скоро в эхе
> появился сам Ozz Nixon и объяснил своё временное отсутствие Однако это не
> помешало ван дер Влисту призвать "прикрыть лавочку".

* From : Ward Dossche, 2:292/854 (01 Декабря 2019 23:03)
* Subj : Re: 2019 FTSC Standing Member Election - Nominations Status
AL> There are just under 16 hours to go; to be considered timely nominations
AL> must be posted in FTSC_PUBLIC before 20:00 UTC on Sunday, 2019-12-01.

AL> === Cut ===
AL> Candidate             Node nr.      Nmntd by    Accepted
AL> Deon George           3:633/509       RC54         Yes

A special situation is developing ...

* The FTSC must consist of at least 7 nodelisted sysops
* There are currently 14 people in the FTSC with 8 mandates expiring
* 6 mandates remain occupied
* There is only 1 properly nominated sysop, therefore we have a critical

I do need to point out that this election, more than electing (or not) Deon George, is about the continuity of the FTSC because in case of non-election this body falls below the quorum of 7 and there is an issue. The documents in the FTSC-library are not specific about it but not reaching the quorum of 7 could imply the disbanding of the FTSC.

Everybody involved in this procedure ... please think twice before casting your vote and creating a situation which Fidonet does not need.


* From : Michiel van der Vlist, 2:280/5555 (01 Декабря 2019 23:34)
* To   : Ward Dossche
* Subj : 2019 FTSC Standing Member Election - Nominations Status
Hello Ward,

On Sunday December 01 2019 23:03, you wrote to All:

WD> A special situation is developing ...

WD> * The FTSC must consist of at least 7 nodelisted sysops
WD> * There are currently 14 people in the FTSC with 8 mandates expiring
WD> * 6 mandates remain occupied

I'd like to point out that one of those 6 is MIA and has been for some time.

 Ozz Nixon              1:275/362             11 Mar 2021

There is no node 1:275/362 in the nodelist. Ozz Nixon is no longer an FTSC Member...

* From : Ozz Nixon, 1:1/123.5 (01 Декабря 2019 22:47)
* Subj : Out of pocket - unexpectedly...

   I have not been active on this and a couple other echos due to a
need for me to be out of state. While away, my systems are running in
POLL mode. I was expecting to be back before now, however, I am not.
Some concert was raised by my lack of NET275 node entries. These were
removed after I had established my system was back up and running in
Florida. I am back in Richmond right now, have been for a while. I was
planning to be back in Florida by Halloween, then by Thanksgiving. I
will prbably be heading down this week if everything go well tomorrow.

Per the topic of (72 character subjects) was based upon "Subject:"
being 8 characters + 71 (and null) would fill a standard 80x25 screen.
I remember those conversations when I first wrote my first Tosser and
"crippled FTS1 mailer". I think that statement was actually from T.J.

Anyway - if it is of high importance (election stuff ot other) please
email me to my cell: ozzznixon@gmail.com ... I will respond when and
where I have signal (AT&T is crazy bad where I am right now).

* From : Michiel van der Vlist, 2:280/5555 (02 Декабря 2019 11:20)
* To   : Ward Dossche
* Subj : 2019 FTSC Standing Member Election - Nominations Status
Hello Ward,

On Monday December 02 2019 01:21, you wrote to me:

WD> I was unaware, but you seem to be correct. So there "is" and issue.

WD> In that case it may be up to the FTSC-chairman to handle it ... like
WD> put the election on hold and extend the nomination-period?


WD> I know that changing the rules of the game while the game has started
WD> already is "not done"

Indeed not done, so let's not do it.

WD> but I think the special situation this places on the FTSC deserves
WD> special attention.

I say it is time to face reality. From the 6 members that were elected last year, one has dived under the rader only to emerge today. He should never have been elected in the first place. Another one only comes crawling out of the woodwork at election time. She never wrote a single line of documentation. The third is a PITA that has been in the FTSC for ages, but never wrote a single line of documentation either. The fourth... need I go on?

From the nine members that were elected two years ago, one has left Fidonet. He told me in private that the circumstances of my resignation as FTSC chairman were of influence. The eight members who's term expires next Wednesday could easely have made some noise and gotten themselves re-elected. In fact half of them could have nominated themselves. The other half could easely have found a nominator. But they choose to not to make noise.

As regarding the prime task of the FTSC: documentating current practise: nothing much has happened since you bullied me out of the FTSC chair.

I say the signal is clear. The FTSC is brain dead. Let's stop flogging a dead horse. Time to face reality. Time to close shop.

--- GoldED+/OSX 1.1.5-b20180707
* Origin: Esquire Station (2:50/15.1)

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