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= Сообщение: 26 из 881 =============================================== UTF-8 =
От   : Michiel van der Vlist            2:280/5555         25 Apr 14 21:42:58
Кому : Maurice Kinal                                       25 Apr 14 21:42:58
Тема : Verify encoding
FGHI : area://UTF-8?msgid=2:280/5555+535abd93
На   : area://UTF-8?msgid=1:153/7001.0+535a76d0
= Кодировка сообщения определена как: UTF-8 ==================================
Ответ: area://UTF-8?msgid=1:153/7001.0+535af637
Hello Maurice,

On Friday April 25 2014 14:53, you wrote to me:

MvdV>> Try this one for a change

MK> Not sure what you are expecting but the message "MSGID: 2:280/5555
MK> 35a3d7b0" I am replying to shows here as ascii

That is more or less what I expected...

MK>  with an additional 44 unneeded linefeeds.  I am guessing some
MK> obsoleted DOS-think

Keep om guessing. The point is that you were unable to determine what encoding was used. Just as I expected. You schorched me for being unable to verify the encoding. Now I caught you out on the same defiecency. The difference is that I never claimed it was possible, weheras you did.

You might have figured it out if you had some relevant knowledge or the help of a Scandinavian HAM. Tghe point is that you could not tell from the message alone.

You will find the answer in the next message.

MvdV>> LATIN1 is not a character encoding scheme that is "current
MvdV>> practise" in Fidonet.

MK> Understood.  Not really an issue unless of course you are really using
MK> iso-8859-1 with the LATIN-1 alias and wonder why the Apache server, or
MK> any other glibc based httpd, isn't displaying your characters
MK> correctly.

As I wrote before, it is not my problem.

MvdV>> It is not the problem of Fidonet, that he can't do it right.

MK> It isn't him but the alias for iso-8859-1 instead.

No. If you want to read fidonet messages, yiu have to play by the fdionet rules. And in fidonet the identifier for iso-8859-1 is LATIN-1.

Not only in fidonet BTW. The unicode consortium shares this POV.

Look at the title of this document: http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0080.pdf

"C1 controls and LATIN-1 supplement".

LATIN-1 with a dash between  the 'N' and the '1'. Not LATIN1.

Cheers, Michiel

--- GoldED+/W32-MINGW 1.1.5-b20110320
* Origin: http://www.vlist.eu (2:280/5555)

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