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= Сообщение: 35 из 983 =============================================== UTF-8 =
От   : Michiel van der Vlist            2:280/5555         27 Apr 14 12:57:35
Кому : Maurice Kinal                                       27 Apr 14 12:57:35
Тема : your external editor test of utf-8
FGHI : area://UTF-8?msgid=2:280/5555+535ce8a3
На   : area://UTF-8?msgid=1:153/7001.0+535c3765
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Ответ: area://UTF-8?msgid=1:153/7001.0+535d37b8
Hello Maurice,

On Saturday April 26 2014 22:47, you wrote to Kees van Eeten:

MK> Acoording to the ISO gurus latin1 is the correct alias.

The ISO gurus (whoever they are) have no authority in Fidonet. They don't make the rules here. Fidonet makes its own rules. If you want to play in Fidonet, you have to play by the Fidonet rules.

MK> Given that the actual encoding is iso-8859-1 I would be inclined to
MK> use that instead of ANY alias

The Fidonet community has chosen otherwise.

MK> but barring that would use the alias as long as it is supported by
MK> the software being deployed.

LATIN-1 /IS/ supported by the software of those that use that encoding.

KvE>> On your side you could add the names that are used in Fidonet
KvE>> CHRS kludges

MK> Or not.  I don't ever use the CHRS kludge so it seems to me it would
MK> be shooting myself in the foot to please something that in all
MK> likelihood isn't EVER going to win support or even get implimented by
MK> 'widely' used software in the entire Fidonet community, nevermind
MK> locally.

You are totally wrong. The Fidonet community has choosen to not rely on automatic recognition schemes but to signal the character set in use by means of a kludge. This practise has been in widespread use for at least twenty years. The character set that you refer to as ISO-8859-1 is in widespread use in the non native English speaking, non Cyrillic parts of Fidonet. Especially among the Linux crowd. In Fidonet it is known as LATIN-1. Has been for some two decades...

MK> But yes I could provide myself FTN aliases if it ever matters any.  I
MK> have very serious doubts about it though especially after the
MK> ISO646-NO test message with the bogus NORWEIG alias recognized by
MK> nothing in use that I am aware of anywhere in the world

Then perhaps you should widen your horizon. ISO-646 /has/ been used in Fidonet messages. It has even been used in the nodelist:


Have a look at Region 22.

MK> nevermind to any of my links into Fidonet, neither of which actually
MK> use the CHRS kludge that I know of.

Your ZC uses CHRS: LATIN-1 1

MK> I seriously believe that fts-5003 should be scrapped

You are entitled to your beliefs. As any Fidonet participant should know by know, I am not in the believing bussines. I prefer verifiable facts. And the verifiable fact is that the CHRS kludge is in widespread use in fidonet and has been for many years. It /is/ current practise wether you like that or not.

MK> and failing that at least remove the utf-8 kludge which is totally
MK> unneeded.

The fidonet community has decided otherwise.

MK> It causes  way more problems

What prolems does the "CHRS: UFT-8 4" kludge cause? If you want to be pig headed and use some other means to detect UTF-8, just ignore it.

MK> than it solves given that there never was a problem with utf-8 before
MK> fts-5003 was concieved.

The UTF-8 kludge has been in use long before FTS-5003 formally documented it.

Cheers, Michiel

--- GoldED+/W32-MINGW 1.1.5-b20110320
* Origin: http://www.vlist.eu (2:280/5555)

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